Preclinical trial

The Neurogel en Marche association has funded several preclinical studies in animals since 2005. These trials took place first with the synthetic Neurogel and then with the activated fat. In France, a study combining. Neurogel and EPO was carried out by the team of Professor Patrick Decherchi and Doctor Tanguy Marqueste at the University of Aix Marseille.  

Basic research studies have largely been carried out at the University of Milan, in the laboratory of Professor Alfredo Gorio.   

These studies are necessary to authorize a clinical trial in humans.
There are several steps that must be taken before seeking funding for a study in humans. We therefore had to carry out a pre-clinical animal trial before the operation in China (Kunming) in 2019. Two publications on activated fat and data from the literature on adipose tissue implantation studies brought us to the gates of clinical trials, after years of active research.