History of our actions

  • From 2002

    The association calls on politicians, paralyzed people and the association of paralyzed people in France to promote Neurogel ™, the first three-dimensional synthetic matrix that can offer a potential improvement in motor and sensory functions in humans.

  • 2003

    The association is requesting temporary authorization to use Neurogel ™ from the French Ministry of Health to carry out a clinical trial on 3 or 4 patients at the Le Mans clinic in Le Mans, which offers its technical platform. Despite the support of politicians and associations of paralyzed people, this request is rejected.

  • 2004

    Neurogel en Marche is trying to find the support of researchers to redo a study on Neurogel. The association follows the advice of fundamental research researchers who note that Neurogel alone cannot provide a solution for the treatment of paralysis. This does not call into question its fundamental qualities, but obliges us to carry out studies to combine the Neurogel with factors that can induce better regeneration, also including stem cells.

  • 2006

    The association sets up a scientific council bringing together researchers in fundamental research and applied research.

  • 2007

    The association is carrying out a first preclinical study in France at the University of Aix Marseille 2 within the team of Professor Decherchi in rats combining Neurogel with EPO.

  • 2008

    The association worked for 18 months with the company Stempeutics in Bangalore, India, which succeeded in cultivating mesenchymal stem cells in the Neurogel. She also began working with the University of Milan, University College London and the Prague Research Institute.

  • 2009: International meeting in Prague

    This summit was organized and funded by the Neurogel en Marche association and materializes one of the association's major achievements: THE CONSTITUTION OF A TRUE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY AROUND NEUROGEL ™. Were present researchers, neurosurgeons, gel manufacturers, laboratory managers. - Our funding is mainly devoted to the work of Professor Alfredo Gorio in Milan, the latter having succeeded in isolating and identifying the key factors that stem cells must express in order to orient, survive, colonize and reorganize an injured medullary environment.

  • 2010: The association is received at the Elysée

    Our association was received at the Elysée by Christian Fremont, director of cabinet of Nicolas Sarkozy, accompanied by Arnold Munnich, adviser to the President of the Republic for biomedical research and health. The conditions and funding for a clinical trial are starting to be discussed.

  • 2012-2013: Media dissemination and call for dissemination and collaboration to help the association

    Our association was viewed in several media, through our press officer at the time: "Auvray et Associé". It was also the beginning of a call for collaboration with any volunteer wishing to help us in different areas. The association has new active members. More than 6 publications have seen the light of day.

  • 2014

    Discovery of fat activated by the University of Milan, this matrix which contains stem cells and many cytokines, growth factors will replace the synthetic Neurogel. We have a tangible therapeutic tool to hope for a clinical trial. -French scientific researchers are interested in our project: the clinical investigation center of Timone in Marseille, "Orphanet" as well as several biotechnology companies, with the intention of support. - We continue to collaborate with Prof. Gorio: the stem cells present in the activated fat of Prof. Gorio lead to a more comprehensive approach to treat a spinal cord injury. - We meet Professor Grégoire Courtine in his laboratory in Geneva. - We are continuing our search for funding. - Our funding is mainly devoted to the work of Prof. Alfredo Gorio in Milan, the latter beginning to identify the key factors present in the activated fat which make it possible to direct regrowth, promote cell survival, colonize and reorganize an injured medullary environment.

  • Pre-clinical trials on animals with activated fat (Pr Alfredo Gorio)

    Fat activated on a spinal cord injury in a group of mice. After 3 weeks, these mice are walking again and have recovered 80% of their functions. - In a parkinsonian model in rats, stem cells derived from activated fat suppress neuroinflammation in 48 h and symptoms of the disease disappear in 5 days.

  • 2017

    Following the death of its neurosurgeon, Doctor Antonio Reis, who was to set up a trial in Lisbon, the association is looking for a medical team capable of applying the protocol of our late Neurosurgeon.

  • 2018: fundraising campaign for a human clinical trial in China: Carrefour and the loops of the heart.

    The Neurogel en Marche association reaches an agreement with the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury in Kunming to carry out a clinical study on 6 French patients and 6 Chinese patients with activated fat combined with EPO A fundraising campaign for this trial starts in particular with Carrefour and the loops of the heart. In association with Carrefour, we are organizing a fundraiser. An unprecedented means that could finance the operation on the spinal cord scheduled for the same year at the international center for the treatment of spinal cord injuries in Kunming, China. This operation started in 2015 in the Bordeaux region. The 2016 and 2017 campaigns brought us € 18,500 in 2016 and € 21,000 in 2017. Likewise, the association is supported by a few Lions Club in the Bordeaux region. In 2016, we raised more than € 17,000. Following this announcement of a clinical trial, multiple events are organized to set up this study.

  • 2018: Call for volunteers for the first clinical trial in Kunming and fundraising.

  • 2019: 1st clinical trial in China in March 2019

    Virginie, Eric, Zafer, Michael, Stéphane and Aline leave for China, in order to undergo surgery for this world premiere.

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