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Preclinical and clinical projects of the Neurogel en Marche association

The context

The French association of people with paralysis Neurogel en Marche has been working for 18 years to
to develop a treatment for spinal cord injuries.
After years of research with its multidisciplinary scientific council, a treatment composed a cell growth matrix from adipose tissue called activated fat and medication with erythropoietin (more commonly known as EPO) has been developed.

Our association was then able to carry out in 2019 a clinical study at the international center for lesions of the spinal cord in Kunming, China with 6 French patients and 6 Chinese patients with deficits complete motors and sensors.

This study showedharmlessness, the feasibility of the therapy and showed for the first time to the world
a tangible functional return for the majority of patients varying according to the level of lesion, the age of patients, the severity and duration of the lesion.

Clinical perspectives

Activated fat and stem cells derived from activated fat usher in a new era of
regenerative medicine based on epigenetics by mechanotransduction, a set of forces and
physical constraints modifying the tissue and cellular environment.

The technology cluster mainly concerns two fields of application: 
A / Damage to the dermis
- Pressure sores
-Plastic surgery

B / Central nervous system (CNS) damage
- Chronic or acute spinal cord injury
- Myelitis
- Parkinson disease
- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
- Duchenne muscular dystrophy
- Tumor of the brain and spinal cord


There are around 60 to 70,000 people with traumatic paralysis in France.
Each year, around 1,500 to 2,000 people become paralyzed from a traumatic injury to the
spinal cord.
Most of these people are under 30 years old.
In fact, between 400,000 and 500,000 people suffer from spinal cord trauma each
year around the world.
The Neurogel en Marche association is now in contact with the Marrow Research Institute spinal cord
and foundations such as Wings for life or Unit 2 fight paralysis but also with Universities
to develop clinical and preclinical studies.

Pre-clinical projects: the costs

In the very short term, we wish to carry out preclinical studies * for:

This project was initiated by doctor Stéphana Carelli and the association Neurogel en marche .
The study will be carried out by the team of professor Patrick Decherchi and doctor Tanguy Marqueste (member of our scientific council).

This complete study was costed for an amount of 86122 euros.

We hope to start this study as early as the month of March 2021.

This project was initiated by doctor Stéphana Carelli and the association Neurogel en Marche .
A first study (unpublished) had already shown the effectiveness of stem cells
derived from activated fat for Parkinson's disease in mice.

Dr. Stéphana Carelli has developed, after 9 years of studies, a new cell growth "niche" that does not use any biological element or active agent for cell growth, avoiding any tumor growth phenomenon.

A major publication co-financed by Neurogel en Marche on this new cell culture method allows us today to consider a new study, but also studies on ALS or La
Myopathy .

This study on Parkinson's disease in mice with injection of cells into the striatum has been quantified for an amount of e 27,212 euros .

We hope to start this study as early as April 2021 .

Ce projet a été initié en collaboration avec la docteure Stephana Carelli.
Nous devons présenter au Pharmacien et docteur en sciences, Serge Braun, directeur scientifique de
l'Association française contre les myopathies (AFM)-Téléthon, un projet combinant les cellules souches
dérivées de la graisse activée et érythropoïétine dans un modèle canin.

Nous venons de résumer l’objectif et le protocole de ces travaux et allons déposer un dossier.

Dans cet appel à projet, s’il est accepté, le financement viendra de l’association AFM-Téléthon.

We will file a dossier for 2021 still combining stem cells derived from
activated fat and erythropoietin in a mouse model .

In this call for projects, if it is accepted the funding will come from the ARSLA association.

* NB: the pre-clinical stage assesses the therapeutic effect of a substance on animals, before carrying out tests on humans. 

To download the specifications for the preclinical study for chronic or acute injury in rats, click here. To download the parkinson's disease preclinical study quote, click here .

Clinical projects: the costs

Acute spinal cord injury clinical project

Carrying out a clinical study in the acute stage, that is to say in the first hours after the trauma of the spinal cord, does not require complex surgery because the treatment is limited to applying the
activated fat on the injured area (dura) without opening the spinal cord and infusing the patient with specific doses of EPO.

In this model, in the animal, the recovery rate oscillates between 70 and 80% which can change the lives
of hundreds of thousands of people in the world .
We believe that this motor recovery will be greater compared to a chronic injury.

This project could be carried out in France.
This type of clinical study on humans requires clinical authorization and support from a CRO (Clinical research organization).

The goal of this research program is to include therapy, operating protocol, informed consent, clinical authorizations, patient inclusion criteria, physiotherapy and follow-up. patients.

The average cost of a CRO is 300,000 euros .

A study on 25 patients would be a good database.
< br> By estimating that the costs of this surgery would come back to the promoter, we know that this surgery has an average cost of 12 000 euros .

The total cost with hospitalizations but excluding rehabilitation could be around 300,000 euros.

With a total of 600,000 euros this study could start after our results on rats, taking into account that the functional rehabilitation would then be carried out in France or abroad (Centro Giusti Florence, Step by Step Barcelona, ​​etc.) but in the latter case, at the expense of the
patients. in place could start in early 2022.

Clinical project on chronic (old) spinal cord injury

It is obvious that studies on chronic lesions, ie old lesions of the spinal cord, are the basis of our associative project .

Could this test take place in France ?

This objective requires significant financial and human resources if we want to carry out such studies in France or in Europe:
- Training of neurosurgeons in the operating technique developed by the international center of
- Training therapists in the rehabilitation method developed by the international center

of Kunming.
- Creation of one or more rehabilitation centers for intensive physiotherapy .

At this stage, it remains a long-term project, except exceptional means .
However this ambitious project remains possible with the mobilization of paralyzed people .
Fr estimating a cost of 4 to 5 million euros, this would represent 5000 paralyzed people who
would raise 1000 euros, which in short is not impossible ! Your turn, Register !

Is it possible to do another clinical study at Kunming International Center for
some French patients ?

This is a short term project and the answer is yes! To find out more, it's here !