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French manufacturer of heat pumps

Our support for the association "NEUROGEL en MARCHE"



"When I learned that there was a medical protocol that gave people in wheelchairs, tetra or paraplegics, the hope of walking again, supporting the Neurogel en Marche association to help fund operations, appeared to me. as a matter of course. The whole ARKTEOS company has joined and finds itself embarked on a partnership that I want to register over time. Generating profits to ensure sustainability is necessary for any business, but it is not enough: it must be given meaning. Neurogel En Marche, an association that puts people back at the center, gives SENSE to ARKTEOS and its collaborators. "


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General manager

Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne – caisse locale d’Arzacq

Electricité de France

Partner associations

Demain Debout

category: handicap

Demain Debout is an association created by the Genestoux family in 1999 to support research on repairing neurons damaged by an accident or illness. 


category: handicap

The Free Association for Aid in Spinal Cord Research (ALARME) was created in February 2000 by Audrey Hénocque (currently vice-president) and by her brother Stéphane.


category: handicap

Jaccede.com is an association that campaigns for more accessibility in order to improve the daily life of people with motor disabilities, and more generally people with reduced mobility.

Handi Occasion


Handi- Occasion.com is a free classifieds site focused on materials for people with disabilities. It allows anyone who registers on the site to post free classified ads for used equipment for people with disabilities. It also allows, through its forum, to talk about all problems related to disability.

U 2 Fight

category: handicap

End Paralysis


Association Tous ensemble pour Malou

category: handicap

All the funds collected are entirely devoted to Marine. Currently, this 17-year-old girl is completely paralyzed, but despite this, she fights with all force surrounded by her family and friends. 

Maison de retraite

CATEGORY: various

Guide to finding a nursing home. 

StepAhead Australia


Salamanders can repair a broken spinal cord. One day humans will too. As a result of intense research around the world, discoveries are being made almost daily into the secrets of regenerating spinal cords. StepAhead Australia’s mission is to apply that research to patients as soon as possible. 

Vertical Combat