Principle results

We inform you that these results are those obtained after only 1 year of rehabilitation

Patients continue to recover motor and sensory functions even today. They have not reached their progression threshold and continue to improve every day.

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All patients are able to walk using a high walker, with or without technical aids, including quadriplegic patients, one of whom is able to walk with ropes.


Among the paraplegic patients who have made the most progress, five are able to move around on their own in high rollers without technical assistance and to stand without support. Two of these patients are able to walk on their own on crutches. One of them is able to get up on his own from his chair with his crutches and climb stairs.


They all manage, with varying degrees of progress, to kick their legs and master the alternating motion of walking

genital and sphincteral improvements

The majority of patients had variable genitalsphincteric improvements: sensation of the need to urinate, to have a bowel movement, increased bladder capacity without leaks, ability to control urinary or fecal function, greater sensitivity in the sacral area. Most no longer have neurological bladders and / or have developed deep sensations

Below is the video of patients continuing rehabilitation in Bullet, Switzerland:

Principle results

  • Tous les patients parviennent aujourd’hui à marcher a l’aide d’un déambulateur haut with or without technical aid, even quadriplegics, one using only ropes (Kunming Scale).
  • They are all able, at different degrees, to launch their legs and control the alternate movement of walking.
  • About Paraplegic patients have improved the most. Five are able to move alone with an high walker without technical help and to stand without supports. Two of them are able to walk alone with crutches. L’un d’entre eux est capable to stand up from his wheelchair alone avec ses béquilles et de mount stairs.
  • Most of the patients had variable genital and sphincteral improvements : sensation du besoin d’uriner, d’aller à la selle, an improved vesical capacity without leakage; the capacity to control urinary or fecal function, une sensibilité plus forte dans la zone sacrée. La plupart n’ont plus de vessie neurologique et/ou ont développé des sensations profondes.
  • The sensitive recovery is longer but tingling, profound sensations, electric shocks, hot and cold sensations begin to appear for multiple patients.