Our role

  • To coordinate

    We coordinate the scientific teams until the start of the clinical trial

  • Bring together

    We coordinate all relations with the Administration, institutions and organizations likely to support the project

  • Drive

    We sponsor preclinical and clinical trials, promote research and raise funding

 The strength of our applied research project comes from its atypical character which offers great flexibility and responsiveness.
This project is at the service of paralyzed people who wish to get out of their handicap.
It mobilizes these people to be able to finance researchers in basic research, in applied research and clinicians.
With our new therapeutic tool, we are aiming for the fastest and best possible practice for acute and chronic lesions of the spinal cord, but also for other pathologies.


Our board of directors



Members of the board of directors are directly or indirectly affected by disability. They all work voluntarily within Neurogel en Marche. They do their best to remain available in parallel with their professional life thanks to their energy and their convictions, but unfortunately cannot respond instantly to all your requests. We thank you in advance for your indulgence. 

Jean-Luc Gay


Pierre Rondio

Président(par intérim)

Relation avec toutes les équipes de chercheurs du monde, avec l’administration médicale et les pouvoirs publics.

Anthony PLE


Marketing, démarcher et présenter le projet à de potentiels investisseurs publics ou privés.

Sylvie Mourgues


Référencement du site Neurogel En Marche et gestion des réseaux sociaux

Gérard Peyras


Murielle Deschamps


Référencement du site Neurogel En Marche et gestion des réseaux sociaux

Lucie Macario

site internet

Emilie Aoustin

Projets europe et promo

Projet financement européen.

Elisabeth Lecointre

Rédaction, traduction

Rédaction et corrections en français.

Yolande Joineau

Campagnes de promotion

Igor Stroganov


Rédaction et traduction en Russe.

Florent Bonin

Réseaux sociaux, vidéos

Benjamin Deschamps

site internet